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CELEBS: What is Sienna Miller doing with Tom Sturridge?

Sienna Miller was at the French Open today for the Men’s final match (where Roger Federer sadly lost to Rafael Nadal) with her new beau, Tom Sturridge.. She’s so chic and glam and he is so dirty looking. I wonder what Anna Wintour, seated in the same box, thought of Tom.

CELEBS: What do you find less annoying? Naturally skinny people or people who have to work for their svelteness….

Yesterday the girls and I had an email discussion about Sienna Miller (pictured taking photos in Primrose Hill). Goldie and Kelly both felt they’d be happier knowing that Sienna Miller was naturally svelte. The logic behind that being, if she worked for her physique, then they too should be able to work their arse off to have her figure… When I told them that Coco who would see Sienna at the gym everyday when she was here on Broadway, they were both annoyed.

What do you find more annoying? Girls who can eat anything and be skinny or girls who have to work for it?

CELEBS: If I Could Wear Any Outfit Today…

It’s so drab and dreary out, I need some color in my wardrobe. Currently I’m wearing black biker boots, black leggings, black sweater, long gold chunky necklace and black, gold maroon scarf that The Truth gave me. I really wish I was waering something floral and springy like the outfit Sienna Miller wore last night.