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CELEBS: Do you think Scott and Kourtney color-coordinated?

1. Do you think Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick color-coordinated?
2. What is going on with Kim Kardashian’s new “see my bra” look? I feel like she’s been rocking this style since she’s been dating Kanye.
3. Do you think Kanye West is getting paid to be on the show?

CELEBS: In reality, do people have all this lighting and hubbub surrounding them at lunch?

In reality there isn’t equipment involved when you have lunch at Eden Roc in Miami.. However, when you are Kardashian reality lunch involves having a fan, multiple cameras and lighting. Really, they need to got the show non-scripted television. While they might not be told what to say exactly, the setting and context is all written out for them.

CELEBS: Scott Disick looks like a raggamuffin….

Scott Disick looks like a raggamuffin next to his nicely dressed baby-mama, Kourtney Kardashian… I haven’t seen the final two episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” yet. I heard she pulled Penelope out of her just like she did Mason. That makes my baby eggs want to die a little bit.

CELEBS: Do you have any interest in dining at a Scott Disick owned restaurant?

Scott Disick has opened a new Japanese restaurant in the Meatpacking district called, Ryu.
1. Would you eat at a Scott Disick owned restaurant?
2. Do you agree that Kendall Jenner is the prettiest one?
3. Why doesn’t Bruce ever go to anything?

CELEBS: How does one maneveur the airport in these heels?

I couldn’t imagine collecting luggage and walking around the airport in the sky-high booties that Kourtney Kardashian was spotted in at LAX… That said, I don’t think they have to deal with their own luggage and probably get shuttled to their gate on one of those golf-cart thingies.

CELEBS: If I Could Wear Any Outfit Right Now….

I’d wear the one Kourtney Kardashian wore as she went to Dash NYC to film an episode of their E! reality show…. I’m obsessed with the entire look, head to toe.

Btw: E! has been airing old episodes of KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS and it’s amazing to see how much money these girls have made since the show began.. I mean, Kourtney and Khloe were living in a townhouse and Kim was living in a condo…and they actually filmed episode’s sans makeup.

CELEBS: Whose outfit do you like better?

image from AccessHollywood.com

So the Kardashian ladies celebrated Kim’s bachelorette party in Vegas over the weekend. How much do you want a bet that the thing was filmed? Now, whose ensemble do you like best? I think Kourtney’s… Kris looks straight out of the 80′s… I wish she’d dress her age.