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CELEBS: Showing off Baby Olive..

On Saturday night, Drew Barrymore made her first public appearance since she gave birth to Olive. She joined husband, Will Kopelman at LACMA’s 2012 Art + Film Gala presented by Gucci, honoring 74-year-old pop artist Ed Ruscha and the late movie director Stanley Kubrick. I”m going to assume this picture I found on People.com of Will showing Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux a picture is a photo of Olive.

CELEBS: Just when I thought it wasn’t possible for Justin Theroux to look more fit….

I saw a picture of Justin Theroux the other day and the man must have 0% body fat.. All you could see were his veins… It was amazing slash not as amazing as how fit he looks in this picture of his walking post-lunch with his friend, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Random sidenote: Did you know that Justin Theroux was in “American Psycho”? I totes forgot about that until I re-watched the movie last night and saw him and Reese Witherspoon in that sucker.

CELEBS: Jennifer Aniston is engaged….

This morning I saw Bonnie Fuller on “The Today Show” and she said fans of Jennifer Aniston are probably opening celebratory bottles of champange. Really, Bonnie Fuller? You reall think people are that excited? I mean, yes it’s nice that after a year of dating Justin Theroux proposed to JenAn on HIS birthday but to think I’m going to celebrate that engagement as if it were my own, NOT SO MUCH!

CELEBS: A tale of two different white men..

Once upon a time there were two white men. One wore sunblock, the other died his hair and eyebrows black and did not use SPF… The one who wore sunblock, Paul Rudd, is 2 years older than the one who does not, Justin Theroux.. Which one looks younger? P.S. Yet another reason why I don’t sit in the sun…

CELEBS: Does Justin Theroux ever break a sweat?

image from People.com

If you live in NYC you know that we are having an Indian Summer. It’s the end of September but it feels like August. Not normal.. Nor is it normal that Justin Theroux is always dressed as if it’s 50 degrees outside when it’s not… Loves that he was out to support his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston’s directorial effort for FIVE but wish he was dressed more weather appropriate..

That said, I totally wore boots yesterday when I should’ve been in sandals.

CELEBS: I spy a bald spot..

Looks like Justin Theroux has a bit of a bald spot on the back of his head.. God is fair. He’s good looking, smart, dates Jennifer Aniston and is a little bit follically challenged.

Btw: it was pretty steamy in NYC yesterday. I get that he wears the leather jacket for his motorcyle but still, doesn’t that beast get hot?

CELEBS: Photographer, Terry Richardson must be a good friend of Jennifer Aniston’s….

image from People.com

Not only did she and new beau, Justin Theroux have dinner with the famous fashion photograher last night but, the celeb couple also posed for a picture together and gave Terry permission to put it on his blog..

Sidenote.. IT WAS HOT IN NYC LAST NIGHT.. What the eff is Justin Theroux doing with all those layers on?

CELEBS: Jen and Justin try to keep a low profile in Gramercy….

image from UsMagazine.com

Firstly, did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Thoreux think photographers wouldn’t snap them together cause there is an old bird in between them? Secondly, can that old bird sue for having her picture everywhere? She’s like an innocent bystander…And lastly, why is everyone making a big deal out of the fact that they are both wearing chunky gold rings with their own name on them? I think the picture issue is the fact that Justin owns a big chunky gold ring with his name on it.

CELEBS: Who is Jennifer Aniston’s new beau, Justin Theroux?

He’s an actor, director and screenwriter.. He used to date Drew Barrymore and was even a baddie in her movie, CHARLIE’S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE.. For those of you who watched SEX AND THE CITY, he played SJP’s boyfriend once. Remember when Carrie went to Sunday brunch at the family’s house and realized she liked the family more than she did her boyfriend…

Oh, and he wrote the screenplays for TROPIC THUNDER and IRON MAN 2.