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CELEBS: I think Jennifer Garner looks amazing in this Oscar de la Renta…

Jennifer Garner is not like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson or Cameron Diaz. She doesn’t walk the red carpet in an outfit that makes you email the girls the next day… She does however do “girl next door who is also a famous actress” look quite well. Loves the gold Oscar de la Renta Rachel Zoe put her in.

CELEBS: I guess this is what the baggy jeans have been covering up…

I was a little worried about Jennifer Garner. Since giving birth to her third child, Samuel, she looked like she wa still a prego. I guess the baggy jeans were her way to pull one over us as she looked dead good in Dolce & Gabbana at the Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures CinemaCon 2012 in Vegas.

CELEBS: Do you think they spun?

Should you have two of the same sex children the odds of having a third child of the opposite sex are not great. I wonder if Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck did a little “spinning” or if they were just lucky? Oh, just in case you hadn’t heard, Jen and Ben welcomed a baby boy yesterday, Samuel Garner Affleck.

And by “spun” I mean, spin the the sperm to guarantee sex of the child.

CELEBS: Jennifer Garner, when is your baby due?

Jennifer Garner said her stylist, Rachel Zoe, wouldn’t allow her to wear maternity clothes.. Those jeans MUST be maternity, right? Also, when is that baby due? I feel like she’s been preggers way longer than Beej was and Beej already had her baby (and was about the quarter of the size of JG).

CELEBS: Jennifer Garner, is Rachel Zoe styling your pregnancy?

image from People.com

I heard Jennifer Garner say in an interview that her stylist, Rachel Zoe, refuses to put her in maternity clothes… Maybe she should reconsider. Everything in this picture looks far too big on you.. Wearing your husband, Ben Affleck’s jeans doesn’t count as non-maternity.