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CELEBS: Having fun in East Hampton…

Looks like the Seinfeld’s, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jake Gyllenhaal were having fun as they posed for a picture together at the East Hampton private screening of Jake’s new movie, “End of Watch”…..

What are those seasonally inappropriate shoes Jake is wearing?

And how perfectly sun-kissed is Gwyneth? Twix, have you had any sightings?

CELEBS: No cellulite for Gwyneth….

Gwyneth Paltrow (pictued with Rashida Jones) showed no signs of cellulite whilst wearing a micro DVF minidress at the launch party for Lifetime’s new show, “The Conversation”.. Goldie is a huge fan of the show. I can’t wait to catch up. In case you, like me, are behind on episodes you can watch them here.

CELEBS: I think Gwyneth Paltrow stole the Oscar red carpet….

I have no words.. Gwyneth Paltrow and her Tom Ford with built-in cape is beyond…She didn’t even need a lot of jewelry to look chic and elegant.. Loves her and heart the fact that she referred to Cameron Diaz as a best friend who she got ready for the show with.
P.S. Did anyone on Twitter notice that she has her Twitpic’s copyrighted?

CELEBS: Who was Gwyneth’s dinner date at Petit Maison in London last night?

Last night Gwyneth grabbed a bite to eat at Petit Maison in London… I wonder if her husband was her dinner date? Usually when he is, they don’t leave together.. He sneaks out the back and the car comes and picks him up…. What at PITA (pain in the arse)?

CELEBS: Who designs this sweater?

image from UsMagazine.com

I didn’t notice the sweater Gwyneth wore to take her kids Halloween shopping until I saw this picture on UsMagazine.com. I sorta need it. Anyone know who designs it? More importantly, can you guarantee that it will look as good on me as it does on her… when we don’t have the same body-type?

MUSINGS: After reading today’s GOOP, I fully believe that Gwyneth needs a reality show…

After reading about Gwyneth’s life in Paris, back to London, and then to LA for the Emmy’s in today’s GOOP I’ve decided that the girl needs a reality show… I love whenever she posts real pictures….

Btw: She is totes a Brit now.. I die that she used the word “chuffed”.