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CELEBS: Today’s THINspiration….

Busy Phillips is a total THINspiration. She looked so svelte and chic in this Dolce & Gabbana dress.. Her cheeckbones were exceptional and her she had no arm-pit fat at all. Loves…slash I wonder:
1. Do you think she gets upset that no one interviews her on the red carpet? While she is at these events as Michelle Willliams’ date, she is also an actress too.
2. E pointed out her moles and now I can’t stop looking at them. Do we think she wants them removed as badly as I want her to remove them?

CELEBS: While I love Busy Philipps and the fact that she’s Michelle Williams perma-date….

I get it, Busy Philipps doesn’t go to the awards cause she’s actually invited, she goes as Michelle Williams’ date.. And I love that about those two. Bestie’s since their “Dawson’s Creek” days.. That said, I thought Busy’s ensemble was a little too “Hippie Chic” for last night’s SAG red carpet… Thoughts?

Are you loving Busy Phillips these days as much as I do?

Not gonna lie, she killed me softly when she was on “Dawson’s Creek” but these days I’m loving her.. Again, I died for her Academy Award ensemble and fully heart her on “CougarTown”.. Can’t wait to see the episode of them in Hawaii (where this picture of Busy was taken from).

I hate and I love….

When Coco saw Michelle Williams show up to the Golden Globes in this Valentino dress she looked at me and said, “is that a joke? Is she really wearing daisy’s on her dress?” I have to side with Coco, what was she thinking with this Valentino number. Usually Michelle Williams is spot on…

Despite the fact that her gown was not my fave of the night, I did LOVE that Busy Phillips, her bestie since “Dawson’s Creek” was her date for the evening. Adorbs.

Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips at the Weinstein fete.