MUSINGS: Celebrating the Anniversary of my 30th…

Remember when you were little and you couldn’t wait for your birthday? Growing another year older was something you actually looked forward to… I’m not sure when the tide turned (probably around 28 and then again 31) but I’ve decided that instead of celebrating my true age I am going to drink martini’s tonight in honor of the anniversary of my 30th….

Sidenote, the only thing I like about today is all the warm wishes from friends… While all the kind words are VERY much appreciated the below two have stood out as one made me giggle and the other made me teary-eyed….

From M2:

From Lady V:
“Happy birthday to you on this cold, winter’s February day in a year that you are taking by storm and making a success of with every day! Life would be boring and sad without you, so today we all celebrate for having the gift of you!!
This comes with masses of love just for you!”

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