BINGER PICK: Leather Spa….

Leather Spa

I have had these Chanel flats for five years. In those five years, these shoes have been everywhere and seen everything…When I quit my job and spent some time travelling, these suckers came with me.. When I returned to New York and pounded the pavement looking for a new job, so did my Chanel flats. They have pretty much been a constant in my life since 2006.

Two years ago, I wore them out to a brunch on Saturday. The weather forecast called for some snow but I figured I’d go to brunch and be home before the heavy sh*t came down. As I was with GDubbs, I should have known better. Fast forward to me walking home, down the middle of 4th Avenue, TRUDGING in knee deep snow after hitting Black & White bar.

The next morning I woke up and found my Chanel flats were broken.. The snow storm made my poor babies come undone.. Now, I should disclose that they were pretty much on the cusp of falling apart pre-storm.. Post-storm, they were black hawk down.

I thought about tossing out the flats but I loved them way too much so I spent $91 to get them fixed up at Leather Spa. I’m not sure what sort of magic they have going on in the back room over there but once my shoes payed a hospital visit over there, they came back to me brand spanking new (pictured below). I was so elated when I saw them that I almost cried..

Now, if you don’t know what Leather Spa is, you are missing out. They are the premiere shoe repair shop IN THE WORLD… I kid you not, all the houses in Europe send their goods to Leather Spa to be repaired. If anyone were to rob that place they’d leave with the best shoe and handbag collection ever. You can’t even go in there to drop off your shoes unless you are carrying a maje label bag and shoes to back that purse up.

And there is a reason for the hype and price…. THEY CAN FIX ANYTHING..

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