Why does the Dubliner in Squaw smell like a mix of pot and curry?

On Saturday night I begrudgingly went to the Dubliner in the Village at Squaw. I say “begrudgingly” simply because I was dead tired. The jet lag, staying up until 2am the night before…. losing game after game to Metts, skiing and day drinking really did a number on me. I wanted to go home and cozy up, everyone else wanted to go out and drink. I didn’t get my way and was quite the spoiled-sport about it.. Again, Badger, I apologize for being a beast.. I call us even since you forced me to give my number to, “Paulie”.

But I digress…. as I was at the end of the bar, being pissy (something that reminded me of being back at the Rum Runner), I noticed that the Dubliner smelled like an odd mix of Pot and Curry. How random is that?

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