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CELEBS: Serena and Dan get hitched?

How many weddings can “Gossip Girl” end their series with? Slash do you think it was awkward for Blake Lively and Penn Badgley to film this scene considering they used to date? And finally, what does Penn think about Blake’s $2million ring? I mean, if that sparkler doesn’t scream 1% than I don’t know what does… and Penn was all about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

CELEBS: Do you think it was awkward?

image from UsMagazine.com

Did you watch last night’s GOSSIP GIRL?
1. Is Liz Hurley’s character Chuck’s mom?
2. Do you find Ivy/Charlie to be as annoying as I do?
3. Do you think it was dead awkward for Blake Lively and ex, Penn Badgley, to film the scene were Serena Van Der Woodsen admits to Dan that he was the “love of her life”?

Nice to see that Penn and Blake are still friends…

Clearly the break-up between Penn Badgley¬†and Blake Lively isn’t affecting their set life. The former duo seemed quite fine being next to each other en route to film scenes on “Gossip Girl”…. Btw: do you think Blake is going to have her assistant run to the Apple store to get her the new iPad tomorrow? If I had an assistant, I would.

Did you watch “Gossip Girl” last night?

1. If Blair and Lonely Boy get together I’ll stop DVR-ing the show.
2. All the jewelry last night was PHENOM.
3. I hope Serena gets together with the teacher. He is dead cute slash I loved him when he was on the axed NBC show, “Mercy” (he played the rich lady’s son).

image of Penn Badgey at Sundance from People.com