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CELEBS: Love It or Leave It.. Diane Kruger…

Usually I live for everything Diane Kruger wears. Not sure how I feel about this cropped top situation she wore to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s and In Style’s celebration of the 2013 Golden Globes Awards Season fete last night. Maybe I’d like it more if she weren’t standing next to Lea Michele, who I think looks amazing.

CELEBS: Not even Josh Jackson can pull off a thin white-tee….

On Friday, one of my guyfriends busted out a thin white t-shirt from Scoop for the Mets game. We immediately made fun of him slash I wondered who could pull off that t-shirt… Josh Jackson (pictured in Vancouver holding hands with girlfriend, Diane Kruger), who I find to be incredibly attractive, can’t even pull it off. Okay, so maybe he can but my guyfriend, not so much.

CELEBS: Now I don’t feel so bad about my outfit this morning…

After drinking too much rose I ended up sleeping at Twix’s new house in CT. This morning I did a coffee slash sugar free redbull run in town. Before I left, Twix looked at my outfit and said, “I hope you run into someone”… After seeing Diane Kruger’s grocery-run ensemble I don’t feel bad about what I wore this morning.. Actually, scratch that. I don’t have Diane Kruger’s face or figure.. Those two things help her pull anything off.

CELEBS: Has Diane Kruger lost weight?

I’ve always thought that Diane Kruger was skinny however she seems to look even skinnier in this picture of her with boyfriend, Josh Jackson and former President, Bill Clinton at the Nights in Monaco fundraiser in Monte Carlo. Her neck and collar bones look pronounced in this Prabal Gurung dress.

CELEBS: Just when I thought I couldn’t love them anymore…

I heart Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson as a couple. They are beyond stylish and gorgeous.. And just when I thought I couldn’t love them anymore I saw this picture of them climbing into their vintage VW convertible in Santa Monica. So chic.

image from UsMagazine.com

CELEBS: Loving and Leaving….Diane Kruger.

I am 100% LOVING the hair, dress, makeup….basically the whole 9-yards of Diane Kruger at the Venice Film Festival Opening Night Ceremony…

The dress she wore to THE IDES OF MARCH Venice Film Festival premiere is doing nothing for me. I’m sure in true life the gown is GORGE but via pictures, BLAH.