BEAUTY: This Nars product will change your life….

Run, don’t walk, to your closest Nars counter and pick up their Pure Radiant Tinter Moisturizer. It’s dead light, has amazing coverage and is SPF 30. I tested it out on Friday and Kage thought my skin looked so good that she went out and bought some herself. Seriously, this product will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

MUSINGS: I might need to see “Casa de mi Padre”…

Do you ever wonder who watches those live Philharmonic and Opera performances that they show in the movie theatres? Well, my parents do. If the Metropolitan Opera is doing a performance of Don Quixote and my mom wants to see it, she watches it live at the cinema (I mean, why would she come visit her daughters and see it for herself?).

Yesterday she and my dad went to see the LA Philharmonic but my mom messed up the time so they ended up seeing “some Mexican movie”.

Me: You mean “Casa de mi Padre”?
Mom: Yes. Dad really liked it.
Me: You guys are so random.