MUSINGS: Just say NO….

I love Cadbury Mini-eggs like it’s no ones business. I’m so glad that they come out during the Easter season only (although I hate that they appear earlier and earlier)… I’ve been on a no snacking kick but I felt the urge to give in so I emailed Goldie and Kelly for some help…

Goldie: drink Water
Kelly: When my stomach growls I feel like it’s eating fat.

With those two in mind I just said “NO” to the mini-eggs and bought my water only… I’m sad and happy all at the same time.

CELEBS: There are somethings I shouldn’t admit….

On Saturday morning I caught the tale end of Russell Brand’s remake of “Arthur”. I kid you not, that movie made me cry. Clearly this is something I shouldn’t willingly admit however I couldn’t help but sharing after I saw this picture of Russell Brand performing at Radio City Music Hall for the Secret Policeman’s Ball.

TV: In case you missed ABC’s new show, “GCB”….

Last night I had every intention of being asleep by 10pm.. Then ABC’s new show, “GCB ” (which apparently stands for Good Christian B*tches) and I could not stop watching. After watching I BB’d Kage and said, “I’m sure Dallas is nothing like “GCB” but I still want to go visit”. Her response this morning, “It’s not far from the truth.”

If you missed it please watch on Hulu.