MUSINGS: Trader Joe’s vs WholeFoods…

This is what $26 buys you at Trader Joe’s: Pancetta, Edamame, Lime, Four avocados, Blue corn tortilla chips, Boursin, Salami, 4 Fage yogurts and three heads of romaine lettuce.

This is what $37 buys you at Whole Foods: Lucy’s Gluten free sugar cookies, SamMills corn pasta, Gluten free pie crust, NutThins, Guacamole, French goat cheese and Cave-aged Gruyere….

Granted the Guac from WholeFoods is $7 but still, I think you get way more bang for your buck over at Trader Joe’s.

CELEBS: What happened to Lindsay Lohan’s face?

1. Has Lindsay Lohan had too many fillers injected in her face?
2. This Matt Lauer teaser clip from his Lindsay Lohan interview airing tomorrow is amazing slash her face looks overly injected.
3. I’m excited to see her on SNL this weekend…

CELEBS: Do you think they spun?

Should you have two of the same sex children the odds of having a third child of the opposite sex are not great. I wonder if Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck did a little “spinning” or if they were just lucky? Oh, just in case you hadn’t heard, Jen and Ben welcomed a baby boy yesterday, Samuel Garner Affleck.

And by “spun” I mean, spin the the sperm to guarantee sex of the child.