MUSINGS: What happened to the “awards” part of the Grammys?

What happened to the Awards part of the Grammy’s? I mean, the whole thing just seemed like one big performance…

Speaking of performances, am I the only one who hasn’t forgiven Chris Brown? I think it’s in poor form that he was dancing up on stage (TWICE) when the Grammy’s are the anniversary of the night he beat up his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, something fierce.

As for Nicki Minaj’s embarassing number all I have to say is BE ORIGINAL.. Do not try to emulate Lady Gaga or Madonna. BE YOURSELF and people will like you. Showing up with a man dressed up as a Bishop was a poor man’s version of Gaga and her egg or Madonna burning crosses and having a black Jesus in her “Like a Prayer” video. You should gotten up on stage with those two little British girls and did “Super Bass”.

I didn’t realize how much I loved Adele until I saw her geniune emotion over winning six awards last night.. I loved how she fretted about “snot” when she won Best Record.

Btw: Did I not get the memo about dropping a tab of E for the DeadMau5 and David Guetta number? Perhaps I’m just old. I don’t know.. I do know that I could’ve done without watching that bit.

The Beach Boys made me feel nostalgic. Brian Wilson, however, looked sedated.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have issues with Taylor Swift… When I saw her being interviewed on the red carpet by Ryan Seacrest I felt like she seemed genuine and down to Earth. My tide was starting to turn in her favor.. Then, she performed, “Mean” and her contrived look of “awe shucks, you guys are giving me a standing ovation” afterwards made me think that she is 100% manufactured. Her Sarah Jessica Parker turn of “I can’t believe you guys are applauding me” was see-through. I think I’m still anti.

What did you think of Katy Perry’s new single? Obvi it was a musical EFF YOU to her ex, Russell Brand.