GFJ: When the whole “roof top to table” concept doesn’t work….

I was very excited to try Bell, Book and Candle as I found their whole, “roof top to table” concept interesting. Plus, I wondered how that roof top garden would fare in the Winter. I’m sad to say the food was tragic. I go out to eat quite often and have rarely had a bad meal in NYC. It’s a shame to say that Bell, Book and Candle was just BAAAAAD. I mean, the food was so awful that we actually sent back the burrata. I have NEVER returned a dish before but the fact that we couldn’t even cut the cheese with a knife was a sign that it needed to go. Bell, Book and Candle is a West Village SKIP.

BREAKFAST: Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese…. I break down and eat one of these every once in awhile.
LUNCH: Basmati Rice, Asparagus, Pork Tenderloin and Salad.
DINNER: Bell, Book and Candle…

I thought I would love Bell, Book and Candle based on the fact that the "soup of the day" was a Dirty Martini...Not so much...

Meatballs with some sort of creme fraiche sauce.

This Housemade Burrata was not only hard, the inside tasted like sour cream. You can usually cut into burrata with just your fork. Even with a knife, I had a hard cutting it. It was so bad we sent it back. The weird thing is the waiter didn't seemed surprised when we did.

Sucking pig with green beans, mashed potatoes and crispy pig ears. I didn't eat te crispy ears and the pig tasted really "piggy"... Coco said it was the smokiness of it that made it so "piggy"

BREAKFAST: Fage with Strawberry
LUNCH: Nothing
DINNER: A bunch of bar food…My stomach is a garbage disposal these days.