MUSINGS: Would someone please explain the debt crisis to me?

I’m not that dumb, I do understand the debt crisis… What I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around is the fact that Obama and Boehner interupted regulary schedule programming last night.

Truth be told, when I switched to one of the Network channels and saw Obama on I immediately went to DVR shows. I figured I’d have The Today Show break it down to me this morning.. but, they didn’t. What I gathered is that the Republican’s and the Democrats can’t play nicely in the sandbox and Obama went on air to tattle-tale leaving Boehner to justify his actions. I don’t know whose right and who is wrong. All I know is that it makes our country look very weak.

I emailed both Diablo and Harmonica about it this morning.. Diablo is a Dem and Harmonica is a Republican… I wanted to get both sides of the debate. So far only Harmonica has written. Once I hear back from Diablo I will weigh in.

Sidenote: I suppose I could just read about it online but where is the fun in that?

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One thought on “MUSINGS: Would someone please explain the debt crisis to me?”

  1. Looking forward to the follow up post on this. The entire thing is so infuriating and my message to Washington is um, get it together. It literally made me sick to my stomach watching Obama/Boehner last night.

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